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Cocker Spaniel Dog Names
101 Names for your Cocker Spaniel Dog

Cocker Spaniel Dog NamesDiscover 101 Cocker Spaniel dog names for this loveable dog with long floppy ears, endearing eyes and a wagging tail. Cockers are adorable dogs that gently take over your house and your heart. Give them a name that fits.

So, what should you call your new pup? Well, Cocker Spaniels can be American or English. Suffice it to say that any British or American sounding name will do. But then again, you can pick any name that suits your fancy.

NOTE: If you simply need more information about this breed, review the breed information page.

Let's just say you want to stick to the traditional. "Alec," "Ace" and "Albert" are great options. A peaceful pup deserves a name like "Chesney" while a dog that makes you laugh deserves the name like "Ike." (hey, that rhymes) Don't forget "Irving" which means handsome and "Maximus" to refer to "the greatest" dog you will ever have (at least in terms of temperament and beauty).

Female Cocker Spaniel dog names include "Goldilocks" for the sweet curly fur and "Purdy" as in pretty. "Bessie," "Bianca" and "Roxy" will do as well. If you want to be in with the popular crowd, choose "Bella" for her obvious good looks. Bella also ranks as one of the most popular female dog names.

Because Spaniels are also very intelligent, you can name your pet "Sophie" as the name means wisdom. A male Cocker Spaniel can also be named "Otis" for being of good hearing, as one of the features that most of these intelligent animals possess.

In the end, it's up to you to pick the best name for your pup. The idea is to consider the things you love about your dog and pick something that fits. Here are 101 Cocker Spaniel dog names to consider.

Name Meaning
Ace Topnotch or first rate/ Latin 'unity'
Adamson Son of Adam
Admiral Commander in chief of a fleet of ships
Aesop Greek author and ex-slave Aesop (620-560BC?). Author of Aesop's fables
Aidan Fiery
Aries Ram
Ajax Eagle
Albert Noble and illustrious
Alec Protector of men
Alex Protector of men
Bundy Bundy short for Australian Bundeberg Rum
Buster Extraordinary one
Burton Dweller, fortified enclosure
Butch Masculine in appearance or manner
Buzz To move quickly and busily, to bustle
Charles Manly, strong
Charlie Manly, strong
Chazz Man
Chesney Peaceful
Chester Fortified camp
Chico Young man
Chief One in highest rank or authority
Chip Fried slice of potato. Small piece of candy e.g. chocolate chip
Dodger One that dodges or evades
Dolan Black-haired
Dominic Belonging to the Lord - Born on the Lord's Day
Domino Lord and master
Ebony Hard, heavy, durable wood
Echo Repetition of a sound caused by the reflection of sound waves. For one that barks or meows a lot.
Eddie From Edward - Prosperous guardian
Frisbee A plastic disc shaped toy that is actively thrown and caught
Fruitcake A rich cake containing dried or candied fruit
Furball Name of one of the soft toy characters called a Furby
Fusion The act of liquefying through the application of heat
Gideon The destroyer; brave spirit
Gilligen Lad
Gizmo A mechanical device or gadget.
Gladstone A light four-wheeled carriage
Golden Pertaining to gold
Hardy Brave and strong
Harold A mighty general
Harrison From Harris - Harold's son
Harry From Harold - Army commander. A mighty general
Ike He will laugh
Indiana State, USA referring to the native American Indians
Indigo Color of the deep midnight sky
Irving Beautiful/Handsome. Most appropriate for the Cocker Spaniel dog names list.
Jack From John - God's gracious gift
Jackson Son of Jack
Jacob The supplanter
Kodak A brand of camera
Kojak Police drama series starring Telly Savalas as a lollipop sucking lieutenant
Kramer Zany character Cosmo Kramer in US TV sitcom "Seinfield".
Lucas Light
Lucky Having good luck.
Luke Light. Added to the Cocker Spaniel Names list for Star Wars fans.
Luna Moon
Max Large spring
Maximus The greatest
Maxwell Great spring
Nelson Son of Neal. Or for fans of Nelson Mandella.
Nemo After the 2003 film "Finding Nemo".
Nesbit Nose-shaped bend in the road
Othello Title character from Shakespeare's play "Othello" (1604) who was a Moor general bound with jealousy
Otis Good hearing. One of my favorite male Cocker Spaniel dog names.
Ozzy From Osbert - Divinely bright warrior. Or, for those who love Ozzy Osbourne.
Pablo Little
Pacha Commander of the Ottoman Turkish naval forces
Paddie From Patrick - One of noble birth. Also Paddy.
Paddington Suburb in London In Michael Bond's book, A Bear Called Paddington, the little bear was found on the railway at Paddington Station, London.
Quentin Fifth child
Quick Fast
Rider one who rides
Riggs Son of Rigg
Riley Valiant and warlike
Spirit Part of the human being associated with the mind. Vigorous or animated state - spirited. Also distilled alcohol
Squire A gallant man who escorts a woman
Stanley From the stony meadow
Sterling British money or coin. A type of silver. Of good character
Tanner Leather worker
Tigger Boundless tiger in the "The House at Pooh Corner" from Winnie the Pooh.
Tobias God is good
Tora The tiger
Tracker One who tracks
Urchin A playful youngster, a sea creature
Uno First in Spanish
Van Cloud or male
Vinnie Conquering
Warren Watchman
Winston From a friend's estate
Woody Passage in the woods. Or, for those who love Toy Story.
Xander Defender of men
Xane God is gracious
Yogi Lead character in "Yogi the Bear"
Yoko Ambitious and determined
Zack The Lord remembers
Zed From Zedekiah - The Lord's justice
Zeus Father of the Gods
Ziggy Reggae singer Ziggy Marley. David Bowie's 1972 album "The rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust." The name of a comic strip.
Zora Sunrise
Zorro Means fox in Spanish

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